A Brief History


A Brief History

The GodPodwas first established in 2006 and whilst the vision has pretty much stayed the same, the actual bus has had a number of transformations and upgrades, so here are just a few photos of the buses’ journey, so far: 

Heres how it used to look:

 oldgodpod godpod netgreen

 It had a repaint and new logo added, and was seen around town:

godpodlogogodpod nightgodpod thebank

 Here’s just a few of the many volunteers, including Peter A with a limited edition GodPod T-shirt:

godpod scotherngodpod 1godpod tshirtfront

in recent years, it was showing it’s age and after a couple of God led conversations a new bus was offered to extend our ministry – for free! 

pod2 4 GodPodLOGO

Whilst the old bus gathered dust we then had the challenge to upgrade the new bus, and with a new bus came a new logo,
and after a lot of hard work (Peter G was an absolute star) the somewhat larger 2nd bus was ready for the road.

sofa GPEstate2014 godpod interior

because of it’s size, it has meant that some of the old routes where no longer accessible- but it is now back in action

(That being said, from time to time it still needs time off the road for maintenance AND to make even more improvements!)

The bus is now operated by Lincolnshire Youth Mission (LYM)