Our Vision

The GodPod vision

Our Mission statement

‘Bringing a Christian presence to where people are’

It is our vision to support:

  • Local young people who are isolated and whose horizons are limited.
  • Local towns and rural churches who find it difficult to engage with young people, who will not step across the threshold – we want to go to where they are.

And we achieve this by providing:

  • A warm and safe place for young people on the streets.
  • Free and fun activities
  • A positive experience for all who we welcome.


We achieve this by being a presence:

In schools: Building Christ centered communities

During lunchtimes, the GodPod is a place where teenagers can bring their questions about faith and the church. The ‘bus crew’ seek to answer them and provide relevant resources.

In the streets: a resource for sharing the gospel with children and teenagers across Lincolnshire

On the St Giles and Tower Estates in Lincoln and at Hemswell Cliff village, the GodPod provides a safe place for children, teenagers and their parents to explore faith through worksheets and conversation.

At special events: a hub providing opportunities to share the gospel

The GodPod has visited the Lincolnshire Show and events in Lincoln City Centre. We hope to be able to attend the Sunday morning Hemswell Car boot sale on a regular basis. The ‘bus crew’ engage the public in conversation and hand out Christian leaflets etc. 

In the Community: being a Mobile Worship Venue

We hope to use the GodPod for worship in village without a church presence. 


We achieve this by gathering resources:

Raising Funds: on average,  the GodPod costs £50 per journey (not including other overheads: MOT, maintenance, insurance etc.) and therefore raising money is vital to keeping this ministry quite literally on the road. In September 2013, the Methodist Lincoln North Circuit showed support by underwriting the project for £10,000 and committed to supporting the GodPod ministry for the next 5 years. Whilst this is an amazing step of faith and a sizeable donation, we continue to seek financial support from neighbouring circuits and like-minded organisations. Whilst larger sponsorship is appreciated we also recognize and value smaller regular donations where individuals can partake in our ‘The Bus Ticket’ scheme that allows people to make small regular donations by standing order. The donations can also be gift aided. 

Prayer Support: We believe prayer is important and therefore every time the GodPod is in operation we have a dedicated ‘depot crew’ praying throughout its operation. This depends on prayerful volunteers to gather and liaise with the bus to pray for their journey and for any prayer requests that may emerge through their excursion.

Active Volunteers: In order for the GodPod to run, it required volunteers as bus crew to staff the bus and to get alongside the service users. Each volunteer is required to have an up-to-date DBS clearance and a reference from their local church. At present, out biggest need is for competent C-class drivers to actually drive the bus from the secure garage to its destination and back again (each driver is required to have a free training and handling session before they go out). 

Each time the bus goes out, it is part of the mission of a local church.In this way, the contact with people outside the church can be seen as a stepping stone along the road to discipleship, and the bus crew are supported by the wider community. The work on the St Giles estate is largely supported by the local Methodist church; Hemswell Cliff by Glentham Methodist church; Tower estate by Monk’s Road. This ensures that each time the GodPod goes out, it has a clear purpose and support from a group who are concerned for the wider picture of Mission in that context


We do this because:

As Christians we believe in the Good News of Jesus Christ that has the power to transform everyone’s lives for the better, We take part in God’s mission to bring this message to all who want to hear it.

As Methodists, we believe in Mission – sharing the Good News of the gospel so that by the Holy Spirit many may recognize their need to be saved and respond to the one and only Saviour, Jesus Christ. Mission extends beyond evangelism and incorporates acts of service, responding to society’s needs and demonstrating the unconditional love of our Lord.