The new kid on the block.

After a busy day at work I like best to unwind with a visit to one of our lovely independent coffee and tea retailers in Lincoln, so today is no exception and I find myself in Bailgate Deli,

Recently opened in Gordon Road in November and it is a began and vegetarian deli and coffee shop.

One of my favorite drinks is a flat white, so I though I’d give one a try,  lovely presentation on a tray, served in a tall white tumbler which upon touch is too hot to hold!

Once I’d dipped a spoon in to test temp, it was of the correct temp, so the thermal transfer into the cup is high.

Sadly not much of a flat white, no velvety smooth milk texture, more of a hot milk drink your granny would make before bed! Very strong too, so a glass of water is definitely needed to accompany the drink, maybe this should be served with our offered on tap like others do. But a nice coffee despite it not being a flat white.

They do have a good selection of vegetarian and vegan food for sale in both make and ingredients, so worth a visit to see what they sell.

Bailgate Deli flat white